When my fiance resolved to start jogging, he said that he never wanted to be one of those people whose backside ends up on some program about obesity.  I laughed and told him that he didn’t have to worry because his backside looks like this:

But I understand his worries.  As the obesity problem in this country continues to grow, people like us, who steadily gain weight each year, will eventually look like those people whose back ends and bellies are meant to horrify captive audiences.  Though I do share my fiance’s fear that I’ll end up recognizing my own booty in 10 years while watching a documentary about obesity, my personal goals are more varied than that.  They are as follows:

1. Feel comfortable in my own skin

2. Maintain a weight that is not clinically obese

3. Gain control of the feeling that other people are staring at me/judging me

4. Appreciate myself more for my talents and abilities

5. Appreciate my body for what it can do and push myself to do more challenging things

6. Work on my sugar/starch/bread addiction

7. Be happy

These are my goals for the time being.  I will updated as necessary.


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