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Double Time

When I was a kid, my mom use to workout in our basement to her Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies tape. Do you remember Richard Simmons? Short guy, curly hair, always grinning like he’d just been handed basket full … Continue reading

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How Not to Deal with Stress

If I could choose a subtitle for this post, it would probably be “so says captain obvious” because my revelation about how not to deal with stress is the simple truth that most of us already know. Here it is: … Continue reading

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Plus-Sized Models

A friend recently shared an article on G+ about a photo shoot and article by Plus Model Magazine featuring plus-sized models posing nude both alone and coupled with average runway models. The images are captioned with industry statistics, emphasizing the … Continue reading

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Why I ask my husband stupid questions

Matthew and I were sitting on the couch this evening, I carefully peeling an orange and him playing Gears of War 3 (don’t get me started), and I suddenly felt compelled to ask him, “Are you holding out hope that … Continue reading

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The Greater Good

Lately, most of my hobbies have taken a back seat to my creative writing. I’ve been more productive than ever, and it feels really good. No, amazing. Terrific. Of course there’s always give and take in life, so that means … Continue reading

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Fat and Happy

Have you ever sucked your stomach in before stepping on a scale? As if its going to help the outcome. I had to laugh when I caught myself doing this at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. I had already taken … Continue reading

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Where, excuse me?

I decided to see a gastroenterologist about all my stomach issues. The doc was an old balding fellow with a few wisps of white hair still floating around his ears. This is exactly the type of doctor you want to … Continue reading

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Rising from the ashes…

Lately I’ve been stuck on the idea of the “Phoenix version” things. For instance, my sucky couch could reach its Phoenix potential if someone fixed the broken arm and seat, added extra fluff, and gave it a new, unstained covering … Continue reading

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This is me. Okay, this is not me literally, but–this is me. If you don’t recognize the character, it’s Monterey Jack from the cartoon TV show Rescue Rangers. He’s a lovable Aussie mouse with a penchant for cheese so great, … Continue reading

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Asian Cuisine?

This caught my eye when we were shopping a Target a few months ago. Hamburger Helper, branching out with their flavor options, now offers Asian Helper. We all know that Hamburger Helper, in any form, offers about as much nutritional … Continue reading

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