Fat and Happy

Have you ever sucked your stomach in before stepping on a scale? As if its going to help the outcome. I had to laugh when I caught myself doing this at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. I had already taken off my shoes and purse, maybe I should have asked if I could strip down too. Or come back in the morning, I guess you’re lightest then. It wasn’t so bad, but I have gained 5-7 pounds since the wedding. Oh joyous wedded bliss, you are so fattening.

I’m not allowing myself to feel stressed about the weight gain. If I know myself, and I hope I do, I know that stressing about it will make me feel worse and then I’ll gain more weight. Instead, I’ve tried to be more conscientious of my workouts and less conscientious of Halloween candy. (I’m doing better at one of those things than the other. Can you guess which?) I also bought some new clothes. A new frock = ego boost = feeling better about myself = living healthier.

This delicious beverage has also entered my life:

It contains 2000 mg omega-3, calcium, protein, fiber, and it’s sweetened with fruit juices. Tastes amazing too. I’ve been consuming a lot of Mama Chi and Kombucha lately. Since I’ve been macking on these tasty bevs, I’ve noticed that my issue with dairy has all but disappeared. I’m still monitoring things closely, but I think the enzymes and probiotics are boosting my digestion. It’s sort of like my digestive system went into a phone booth, downed a Kombucha, and came out as Super Digestion. In other food news, though my elimination diet experiment, I discovered that I can’t consume soy. I already knew that it didn’t sit well with me, but I discovered that it inflames my thyroid. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, like being throttled by your own neck. I don’t recommend it.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I was at the doctor’s office on Tuesday and I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally  found a new primary care doctor. She’s in Lake Oswego, which is a crappy drive down I5, but she’s totally worth it. I’m ecstatic to have a doctor who won’t sneeze in her hand then not wash up, who will actually listen to what I’m saying, and who won’t say inappropriate things to me. She’s ordering more tests and wants me to try a new inhaler for my asthma, so I’m feeling positive that my issues will be figured out.

Today is a bit overcast, but Matt and I are headed out for a 7 mile hike. It’s the same hike we did together the day he proposed. It’s going to be a good day.

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