Where, excuse me?

I decided to see a gastroenterologist about all my stomach issues. The doc was an old balding fellow with a few wisps of white hair still floating around his ears. This is exactly the type of doctor you want to see for this type of issue. Nobody wants the hot doctor to ask them how often they get constipated. Unfortunately, the doctor was a bit of a cold fish. He was in and out like he had water boiling in the next room. At one point he put two fingers on my wrist as if to take my pulse, but I think it was just an excuse to look at his watch. Last time I checked, it takes more than TWO SECONDS to take a pulse. But what do I know? It’s not like I was sucking up the man’s time either, I only asked one measly question. I thought it was ligit, considering he didn’t tell me anything about anything during the appointment.

So they scheduled me to come back for a “procedure,” as they put it. I call it a violation at both ends. Like I told my mom earlier today, they wanna shove what where and charge me how much? I figure I should be getting paid for allowing that kind of back door invasion. But I’ve dragged my feet on these gastro issues for a while, so part of me feels like I should suffer the tests and see what’s up. Part of me says, heck no! Too horrible and too expensive. As a compromise to myself, I’ve decided to do two things: first, per the suggestion of a friend, I’m going to try an elimination diet to test for allergies and sensitivities. I’ll keep a journal of how I feel after each meal, what I ate and so on, and I’ll track how I feel once certain things are re-introduced. (Dairy and gluten being the biggies.) Second, I’ve resolved to find a good PCP in Portland. I’ve struck out three times, but the search continues. My hope is that I’ll finally find a good doctor who will take my whole pulse and maybe think of another way to diagnose my problems without…procedures. My appointment with the cold fish is the end of September, so I have just under two months to accomplish these two goals. Hold me to it!

Ps: the stomach issues that I discuss via this blog are–unfortunately–only the tip of the iceberg. I’m a pretty open gal, but not that open. If it turns out that I have cancer and will die in six months, yes, I will tell you that. But don’t expect any gory medical details. ;)

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2 Responses to Where, excuse me?

  1. Ging says:

    I have stomach issues too:) Three letter abbreviation that I don’t love to write out on the interweb. Food journaling is tricky, but if you’re consistent it will hopefully give you some results! Other times, it shows nothing, which in the past has made me think, “Yup… definitely dying.” Turns out having lots of medical random issues makes me a hypochondriac… or I really do have something. But it’s true that sometimes you can’t know until you go to the doc and have spendy tests. But either way, I do hope you find out what it is!!!

  2. David says:

    Karen and I go to Dr. Victoria Khary near 26 and Sunset. She’s terrific! But, she’s part time, so often we’ll end up seeing one of the other docs. So far so good, though.

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