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Quattro Fromaggi

I’ve been doing pretty well with reducing my daily intake of dairy products. I haven’t had any ice cream since the last post, but I did find myself in the frozen foods isle the other day with my nose pressed against the Tillamook ice cream display. Some how I resisted the temptation, but I think it was something like high way hypnosis because I got home and I couldn’t remember how the ice cream didn’t come home with me. Continue reading

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And the cow said moo

The other day I ate a delicious bowl of chocolate peanut butter Tillamook ice cream. Tillamook produces, perhaps, the most well-crafted ice cream in the world, and the chocolate peanut butter variety tastes like a Sunday afternoon stroll down the board walk. However, following this heavenly experience, a binding, cramping, stinging stomach ache struck and I went to bed feeling terrible. Ice cream has done this to me before, but I’ve always played stupid because–let’s face it–ice cream is amazing. Continue reading

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Get Skinny, Bitch

Fortunately, this book is not just about giving up meat and animal products, though the authors do push hard for you to become vegan. This book straight up tells you all the stuff that you don’t want to hear about the shit you’ve been shoveling into your body: all the naughty little secrets hiding in the four-inch-eight-point-font ingredient list of your Nabisco Oreos. And the women are no-whining-allowed-, no-excuses-taken bitches. They tell you things like “don’t be a fat pig anymore” and “stop being a pussy.” Don’t expect hand-holding because you won’t get it. What you will get is lots of sass and probably a few laughs. These lucky bitches are smart, funny, look good, and they know it. The best part is–and you really feel it as you’re reading–they want you to look good too. There’s profanity, there’s attitude, there’s even bitchyness, but it all comes from a real and supportive place. It’s tough love and it’s refreshing not to have somebody blowing smoke up your ass. Continue reading

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