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Eight Weeks

On the one hand, I know that slow progress under a steady regimen will help me accomplish my long-term goals; however, I want to look (and feel) better for all these events, and my brain is telling me that this slow weight loss just won’t do. Essentially, there’s brawl going on between my brain, my stomach, and my ass, and I wish I weren’t stuck in the middle of it. Continue reading

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You won’t be asking for a refund

It will suck you in as well as any blockbuster, and it will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions from fear to curiosity, to shock and doubt, and from anger to empowerment. Unlike sensationalized flicks such as Twilight or Harry Potter, which tend to lull the masses into dreamy fantasy, you will walk away from Food Inc. feeling jolted awake and empowered. Continue reading

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Think outside my buns

And it never fails that one or two pizza delivery guys will casually roll by as I’m sweating and stinking and driving myself up a steep hill. Continue reading

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