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Now, with even MORE cheesy flavor!

As if Mac n’ Cheese wasn’t enough of an indulgence, now it’s an extreme cheese explosion. But it’s not just the mac that bothers me–it’s food products in general that reach this level of ridiculousness in order to become more enticing to the cash-doling masses. From pizza-blasted Pringles, to cereal bars held together with frosting, and “pour over” cheddar popcorn at home to pump-your-own hydrogenated oil at the movie theaters. But we love it! And we buy it! Continue reading

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Thank you, Ms. Spears

It’s easy for these unattainable standards to become normalized when we see them hundreds of times a day on tv, at the mall, on billboards, in magazines, in display windows, and of course, all over the internet. It’s easy to forget that classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe were curvier than even the unairbrushed photo of Spears. Continue reading

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What am I eating?

I also use to drink diet Pepsi by the liter. Then I learned in my chemistry class that aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde in your body. I shudder to think I half embalmed myself by the time I was 20. Continue reading

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It’s nice to meet you

A healthy weight for my height and body type would be around 150 pounds, but at 5′ 8” and 220 pounds, I’m carrying about 70 pounds of baggage around. Despite my talents and abilities, my self-worth has always been in the dumpster because of the shame and frustration I’ve felt about my body. I feel better about myself now than I ever have, but I’d be lying if I said that I feel completely secure with myself. In fact, I’m having Continue reading

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